Presentation in the 16th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics!

Posted on July 30, 2021

I have attended the 16th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM), and delivered a presentation about my research work in the mini-symposium of Computational Geomechanics.

The presentation is titled with "Double-phase-field modeling of mixed-mode fracture in rocks". In this presentation, we introduce a new double-phase-field approach to mixed-mode rock fracture. Basically, this double-phase-field method combines the length-insensitive phase-field methods for cohesive tensile fracture and frictional shear fracture following an energy-based criterion. The new model has been thoroughly validated with the experimental results. It also shows great potential to advance our understanding of the physical mechanism behind the rock cracking process.

For more details, you are welcome to read our work: Double-phase-field formulation for mixed-mode fracture in rocks. The pre-recorded video for my presentation is also provided below.