Presentation in EMI 2021!

Posted on May 26, 2021

Today, I have attended Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2021 virtually, and delivered a presentation in the mini-symposium of Computational Geomechanics. This conference was supposed to be held last year in Columbia University, but had been postponed due to pandemic situation.

The title of my presentation is "Phase-field Modeling of Shear Fracture in Geomaterials". In this presentation, I have introduced a new phase-field method for modeling frictional shear fracture in geomaterials. This new model has following features that it can capture: (i) shear crack initiation and propagation under compressive loads; (ii) frictional contact; (iii) pressure-dependent shear strength; (iv) material behaviors insensitive to the phase-field length parameters. Also, the formulation of this method is consistent with the fracture mechanics model proposed by Palmer and Rice (1973) on progressive failure in stiff clays.

If you are interested at more details, you can refer to our paper titled with A phase-field model of frictional shear fracture in geologic materials published in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering. You can also get access to the pre-recorded video of my presentation below, through the YouTube channel of our research group.

In addition, this work has been extended to a double-phase-field model to simulate mixed-mode rock cracking process, which was validated against the experimental results. Interested readers can refer to my paper titled as Double-phase-field formulation for mixed-mode fracture in rocks published in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering for more details.