About Me

Fan (Frank) Fei

I have recently obtained a PhD degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Hong Kong, under the supervision of Prof. Jinhyun Choo. In early 2022, I will join Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Devision in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, USA as a postdoctoral researcher. Before becoming a PhD student, I received my Bachelor Degree in the same department with the first honor graduation.

My past and undergoing research work includes but not limited to the development of novel computational approaches to discontinuities and fractures in geologic materials (e.g. faults, joints, and slip surfaces), under both static and dynamic loads. These pieces of work are important to a wide range of subsurface problems that are associated with infrastructure construction, geologic hazards, and energy production. Besides, I am also interested at other emerging numerical techniques (e.g. peridynamics, MPM) as well as the application of data-driven approaches in subsurface problems.

In addition to research, I am enthusiastic about movies, basketball and traveling. I also enjoy exploring delicious food with my friends in my spare time, and I am always willing to give suggestions on good restaurants if you ask!

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