About Me

Fan (Frank) Fei

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Devision in the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, USA. Prior to joining the LLNL, I received my PhD degree and Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Hong Kong. My PhD study was under the supervision of Prof. Jinhyun Choo.

The main objective of my research in the past, present, and future focuses on solving the world-wide pressing issues that are related to the energy and the safety of our planet. Facing the shortage of fossil fuels and the trend of global warming nowadays, we are striving to explore more possibilities in the subsurface geologic system, with the aid of increasingly powerful high performance computers. As a researcher in computational geoscience, my present work aims at the development and application of high-fidelity, robust computational tools in a massively parallel computing framework, to perform the cutting-edge research on enhanced geothermal systems (EGS). Specific studies are related to the prediction and analyses of fracturing mechanisms, multiphysics, and seismic activities involved in EGS.

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